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Why this wrong information to mislead people, says SS Rajamouli

Why this wrong information to mislead people, says SS Rajamouli

There has been a lot of news came before you about the film Baahubali from the time of its release. From the reviews to its theatrical collection, the records it had created and broken in Indian cinema and also the impact it had made and specially in the film industries in India. The film has already broke many collection records and it had entered the 600 crore club in total as well. It had almost ran 50 days as well in theater all across India. Now the director of the film himself says that the flick has almost terminated from its theatrical run and now only runs in a few theaters across India.

SS Rajamouli says through a tweet that Baahubali has almost completed it’s run and it will not be in theaters blocking the run and release of other films. He says that a film which runs in 50 or 100 days or may be 150 days is an old story now. In the latest scenario a film releases in almost 1000 screens and it will only get a run of 3 to 4 weeks and if it is a hit film it will make it’s maximum collection during that period of time. Rajamouli says Baahubali had terminated at almost all places except some main centers which even now gives it’s shares.

But now the problem is that some fans are requesting theaters to run the film again and they are even ready to spend their own money to do it. They are asking the same thing to the distributors as well. They are doing this to make the film run the so called 50 or 100 days and to create some record or something to boast off. But Rajamouli says that it’s not at all fair and it is not right to mislead or make people believe anything by creating a false record or giving some false information.

The veteran director Rajamouli said that the film had gave an evergreen yet memorable success to us and what else we want other than that. Now the film will run only in theaters which gives shares and that is only a few ones.

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