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Will Theri break the all-time biggest opening day collection record set by I in Kerala ?

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Will Theri break the all-time biggest opening day collection record set by I in Kerala ?

Atlee directorial flick Theri, in which Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay is the hero is on its way to grace the silver screens all over. Mollywood is also waiting for this film as Vijay had great number of fans here in Kerala and Vijay films always get gigantic release here. The distribution rights of Theri has been bought by Mollywood’s own Vijay babu and Sandra Thomas (Friday Film House) in association with the production house named Carnival Motion Pictures Private Limited for a whopping amount of 5.6 crore, which is indeed a record. Previous record was created by Shankar’s I starred by Chiyan Vikram which was bought by Global United Media for a price of 5.35 crore.

But now Theri is all set break another record set by I as well. Yes, it is the all-time biggest opening day collection record in Kerala. Vikram- Shankar team’s I which release around 200 screens in Kerala had got an amount of 3.8 crore rupees from its first day gross here. The theater charting of Theri is on now and it is expected to reach near 200 screens by the date of its release, which is the 14th of April. With the new ticket rates and multiplex release, Theri has all the chance in the world to break that record created by I.

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The anticipation level around the film is damn too high and it also will work as a factor. But there factors that can affect the prospect negatively as well. Because on 14th April, Malayalees celebrates Vishu with their whole family and it can affect the rush of morning shows. If that happens then it will become hard for Theri to beat I. But the hopes around the film is too high and people are waiting for it eagerly.

So that anticipation can make people come to the screens irrespective of all celebrations at home. Young people are the majority of the audience that comes for Tamil films in the first few days. Let’s hope that they will rush to the screens enthusiastically from the morning shows itself.

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