Mammootty’s Utopiayile Rajavu will be one of his best films, says Kamal

Kamal Mammootty’s Utopiayile Rajavu will be one of his best films

The greatest director of all time, Kamal has demonstrated the family relations, love, and friendship in a person’s life with immense credibility through his movies. With the movie Celluloid, he proved his talent that he is capable of portraying fictional life. Kamal has been that director who has always changed his heart and mind along with the journey he had in different times. Even if he has been a director who changed his mind according to the times he was also the one who took the effort to experiment new techniques. Kamal has come up with his new Onam release Utopiayile Rajavu to be released this month.

In an exclusive interview which was given by Kamal to Manorama Online, confirms What is Utopiayile Rajavu ?. It’s said that Utopiayile Rajavu is a political satire which evolves around the life of people, with realistic presentation. This veteran director says that Utopiayile Rajavu will not be a film like the other films which are released with massive punch dialogues,the movie is set in a political scenario but this movie will not have a situation where the mass dialogues are used. This movie showcases the simplest life of the common people who come across the magical incidents in the cinema.

The Character in the movie played by  Mammootty is entitled CP Swathanthran. And this movie talks about the way CP Swanthran has seen the people and their problems. This movie is a story of the imaginary village named Kokrankara setting in an utopian vision. The movie witnesses statues, crows and the donkeys talking. Along with the real characters the movie has added a long list of magical or special characters to explore the innocence of the movie Utopiayile Rajavu.

Mammootty, the three time National award winner, is entitled the Megastar of Mollywood. This film has also expressed, the peoples demand for Mammootty starring in a movie like this. The movie will not be a megastar product as it reveals the story of a common man and his surroundings. Being a common human, this movie will also enter into the best movies released with the family background by Mammootty, the Megastar, says Kamal.

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