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10 Enradhukulla Review

10 Enradhukulla Review-Rating-Report-Vikram-Samantha

10 Enradhukulla, the Chiyaan Vikram starrer flick had released all over today and in Kerala also it got a fairly good release with many centers. There is always a notion among the film lovers that without Shankar. Vikram as a star had not much value in Kollywood and here as well. Everybody knows that he is a great actor and his commitment and dedication level to his work is damn too high. But he never really able to convert it into stardom as many others had done in Tamil film industry. And this time Chiyaan Vikram had teamed up with Vijay Milton for the above mentioned film and all set to strike with a super racy film as the claims it to be. Vijay Milton himself had written the story, screenplay and also cranked the camera as well. The flick has been financed by AR Murugadoss and Fox star studios.

Vikram comes in this film as a professional car driver who does daredevil car stunts and who never misses any assignments given to him. The major turn of events in the story happens when Vikram’s nameless character undertakes a journey with Shakkeela, the character played by Samantha. Villains of the film comes in the story one by one with their own motives and Pashupathy’s character provides some funny moments as well with his mannerisms. The journey they undertook is from Chennai to Mussoorie form the major part and idea of the story. But the second half of the film stretched here and there and the climax part was also looked stretched more than what it was needed.

Vikram done a cool job as the car driver who is a master at daredevil car stunts and Samantha also looks cute and will attract youngsters with her appearance and naughty character. The action sequences were choreographed well but the VFX part was not very much upto the mark. The narration also looked not much convincing at many parts and the songs my D imman was raised only to an average level. The placement of songs really killed the flow of the film as well specially the one with Charmi Kaur. The screenplay not has much depth in it and as a director Vijay Milton’s grip was not fully on the narration as well. But as a cameraman he gave some good visuals.

As a whole 10 Enradhukulla is only an average affair for Vikarm Fans and he can deliver better as per his standards.

Director : Vijay Milton
Release Date : 21/10/2015
Cast : Vikram, Samantha

Review : Abhilash Kiran

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