Movie Review: Vineeth Sreenivasan’s “Kurukkan” – A Mixed Bag of Entertainment

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Movie Review: Vineeth Sreenivasan’s “Kurukkan” – A Mixed Bag of Entertainment

Vineeth Sreenivasan continues to impress with his acting prowess, and his portrayal of Advocate Mukundan Unni in “Mukundan Unni Associates” garnered immense praise from movie lovers. Now, he is back on the silver screen with a unique character, Inspector Dinesh, in “Kurukkan,” which was released today in Kerala.

Directed by debutant Jayalal Divakaran and written by Manoj Ramsing, “Kurukkan” presents an investigation thriller with a touch of humor. Vineeth Sreenivasan plays CI Dinesh, an eccentric officer who craves media attention, which often leads him into trouble.

The film revolves around Dinesh’s attempts to frame Hari, played by Shine Tom Chacko, in a murder case, and Hari’s struggle to clear his name. Sreenivasan also portrays an important character named Krishnan, who frequently appears as a false witness in court for monetary gains.

In the first half, the film sets up the characters effectively, but it loses its way as it progresses. The intensity of an investigation thriller is lacking in the second half, though the final 30 minutes deliver some laughs and unexpected twists that may feel a bit forced. The number of funny scenes which worked well is less, when it comes to the second half of the movie.

Vineeth Sreenivasan’s performance stands out as the eccentric cop, providing the film with its saving grace. However, the rest of the cast lacks impactful roles, making their portrayal seem artificial. Nevertheless, it’s heartening to see Sreenivasan back on screen after a hiatus due to health issues.

The film features Sreekanth Murali, Malavika Menon, Azees Nedumangad, Gawry Nanda, Ansiba Hassan, and Aswath Lal in significant roles. Unni Elayaraja’s music blends well with the storytelling. At a runtime of 124 minutes, the film’s relatively short duration keeps the audience engaged without feeling dragged.

In conclusion, “Kurukkan” offers a mixed bag of entertainment. While it has its share of humorous and thrilling moments, it lacks consistency in delivering complete satisfaction. Nonetheless, Vineeth Sreenivasan’s impressive performance makes it worth a watch for his fans and those intrigued by investigation thrillers with a touch of fun.

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