‘Neru’ Review: A Saga of Emotion and Justice Unleashed

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‘Neru’ Review: A Saga of Emotion and Justice Unleashed

Prepare to be immersed in a riveting tale of justice, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of truth. ‘Neru,’ directed by the maestro Jeethu Joseph, emerges as a powerful testament to the human spirit and the complexities of the judicial system. Anchored by an exceptional cast, including the unparalleled Mohanlal and the incredibly talented Anaswara Rajan, this emotional courtroom drama and thriller unfold, with gripping intensity. With a storyline that delves into the depths of empathy and determination, ‘Neru’ is a cinematic gem that captivates the audience from its opening frame to its stirring conclusion.


In the enthralling narrative of ‘Neru,’ the story pivots around Sara (played by Anaswara Rajan), a visually impaired sculptor who becomes the victim of a heinous crime. The culprit, Michael, is arrested by the police, but the lack of substantial evidence due to Sara’s condition becomes a major challenge in court. Enter Vijaya Mohan (portrayed by the incomparable Mohanlal), an advocate steadfast in pursuing justice for Sara. The film ingeniously navigates the court proceedings, showcasing Vijayamohan’s relentless efforts to unveil the truth and ensure justice for the victim.

Screenplay and Direction:

Jeethu Joseph’s directorial brilliance shines through every frame of ‘Neru.’ The screenplay is not just tight, but an immersive rollercoaster of emotions that captivates the audience from the very beginning. The film’s second half and climax testify to Joseph’s directorial prowess, delivering an emotionally charged narrative that resonates deeply. The realistic and powerful dialogues, coupled with engaging courtroom sequences, keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Shanthi Mayadevi also did very well to make it a tight screenplay, considering the genre of this movie.


Mohanlal’s portrayal in ‘Neru’, stands as a testament to his unparalleled versatility and mastery in bringing characters to life. As Vijayamohan, he embodies the role with a finesse that’s characteristic of his craft. His portrayal strikes a delicate balance between subtlety and intensity, infusing each moment with depth and authenticity. Mohanlal effortlessly commands the screen, delivering dialogues with an emotional resonance that lingers long after the movie ends. His portrayal captures the essence of a determined advocate, showcasing the character’s legal prowess and the compassion that drives his pursuit of justice.

Anaswara Rajan’s performance in ‘Neru’ is a revelation, marking a milestone in her career. As Sara, the visually impaired victim seeking justice, Anaswara brings an incredible depth of emotion to her character. Her portrayal is layered with vulnerability, resilience, and an unwavering strength that resonates profoundly. She skillfully navigates the complexities of portraying a character in distress, drawing the audience into Sara’s world with her nuanced expressions and heartfelt portrayal. Anaswara’s mature performance in ‘Neru’ showcases her remarkable growth as an actor, leaving an indelible impression and elevating the film’s emotional impact.

Siddique, Jagadeesh, Priyamani, Ganesh Kumar, Shanthi Mayadevi, and Sreedhanya complement the leads with equally commendable portrayals.

Technical Brilliance:

Vishnu Shyam’s background score elevates the film, perfectly complementing the mood and enhancing the emotional depth of each scene. The visuals, captured by Satheesh Kurupu, create an atmosphere that amplifies the impact of the stellar performances. V S Vinayak’s editing ensures a seamless and immersive viewing experience.

Final Verdict:

‘Neru’ stands tall as a masterpiece crafted by the formidable Jeethu Joseph-Mohanlal duo. It transcends the boundaries of storytelling, leaving an indelible mark on every viewer. The film’s impeccable direction, powerhouse performances, and captivating storyline make it an absolute must-watch in theaters. ‘Neru’ is more than just a film; it’s an emotional journey that lingers in the hearts of its audience.

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