Singam 3 Review aka Si3 Review

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Singam 3 Review aka Si3 Review

Suriya is back as Durai Singam, the forthright cop known to put an end to social menaces come what may. Singam 3  aka Si3 is no different from the first two parts, the sole purpose of the movie is to provide entertainment, and the movie somewhat succeeds in that.

Singam 3 is the usual commercial potboiler largely aimed at Suriya fans and people who enjoy watching masala flicks. Director Hari has developed an interesting plot and cleverly wielded it into a racy screenplay. But all that is spoilt with the execution part thanks to the ridiculous comedy tracks and the forced in songs.

Suriya has given his usual best with a power packed performance. The energy level he maintains throughout the movie is indeed commendable. Like the previous part, Singam 3 also has two female leads-Anushka and Shruthi Haasan. It is still not clear why Hari has used a two heroine formula again as we have seen enough of the deep romance between Durai Singam and Anushka’s Kavya in the first two parts.

Shruthi Haasan’s performance was very much mediocre especially her comdey scenes with Soori. The usually dependable Anushka had nothing substantial to offer here.

On the technical side, editing by the veteran VT Vijayan and TS Jay was just like any other Hari movie, crisp and sharp. But the pattern of cuts looked unpleasant at many scenes. Harris Jayaraj’s songs fails to create an impact, same was the case with the loud and noisy background score.

On a whole, Singam 3 should satisfy the hardcore fans of Suriya, the “star”. Others have a choice.

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