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Vascodagama Review-Rating-Report

Vascodagama is the latest Kannada release directed by Madhu Chandra and the lead artists in the film is Kishore, Parvathy Nair, Ashwin, Suchendra Prasad, Sundar etc. It was a film that focuses on the follies that is affecting our education system and it is told in a comic manner as well. They are giving some solutions as well to improve the system with the flavor humor.

The story of the film is almost fully taking place inside a college campus. The film goes in the viewpoint of an average student as how he thinks and cop with our education system. We can say that the solutions they are giving it through the film is somewhat looks like what we saw it in Raj Kumar Hirani’s Bollywood film 3 idiots.

The male lead in the film is playing a lecturer who is very much liberal in his approach to his students as he put forward an idea that we all have to do only what we love to do. And never do anything out of some pressure. In fact it is like he did not much care about teaching and he always hangs out with his students. He drinks and smokes with them and plays cards with them. Even the principal of the college is leading such a low life there and the story takes a turn when the management of the college all set to shut down the college due to this. Then the character Vascodagama tries to find out some solutions to stop that move and turn the things around in a manner favorable to them.

The film at same time carries a serious subject and it is told in a comical way as well. It has been really hilarious at many parts. Kishore in his various getups given a great performance. The music composed by Poorna Chandra Tejaswi was superb and will remain in our heart for long. The film is filled with lot of good moments but while trying to make it too much hilarious it loses some of its serious nature which the chosen subjects demands. Still it is a very good entertainer and have a class of its own when compared to films which came in this same genre.

Director : Madhu Chandra
Release Date : 23/10/2015
Cast : Kishor, Parvathy Nair, Ashwin

Review : Harikrishnan

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