Saritha issue, Mohanlal was just a customer

Saritha issue, Mohanlal was just a customer-Saritha Lettar-Onlookers Media

Saritha issue is getting worse and worse every day and the Mollywood film lovers also now looking forward to the end result of this controversy. Because two online medias said that mollywood’s super star Mohanlal’s name also is included in the list of person Saritha wrote in her letter and the also showed a part of the letter in which Mohanlal’s name is written on it.

But the fact is that even Saritha denied that it was her letter and she said that it was not written by her. The very next day another online media named Kerala Online News published a letter part with Saritha’s explanation which says that Mohanlal was only a customer and not involved in any of the scams. He was innocent as he has nothing to do with the whole solar and related issue which is going on and around our state.

Saritha S Nair Letter about Mohanlal-Onlookers Media

Photo Credits : Kerala Online News

The letter part published by the media carries Saritha’s explanation on how Mohanlal’s name came on the letter written by her. She said that She contacted Mohanlal almost 6 times through phone to ask him about planting a solar panel in his house and also met him in a shooting spot for asking about the solar panel. Saritha told that Mohanlal was just a customer and that it between them.

When police got her call list they found Mohanlal’s name on it and asked about it. She told them the truth and that is what she explained in the letter. But some yellow pages took that part and used it in a negative way to defame Mohanlal and also made her a piece to play against Mohanlal. She told in her explanation that she is all set to take legal action against those yellow medias who framed a false news in her name and thereby tried to defame people who had no connection at all with this issue.

People who loves and followers Mohanlal is damn sure that he is innocent and now the latest reports also says that He is Innocent in this matter. On the other side online medias is publishing letter part by part every day and now people had no idea how to believe these medias and what to believe from they says.

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