Anticipate a Heartwarming Family Drama: Vinay Fort and Anu Sithara Shine in Vaathil – Trailer Out Now!

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Anticipate a Heartwarming Family Drama: Vinay Fort and Anu Sithara Shine in Vaathil – Trailer Out Now!

Prepare to be enchanted by the upcoming Malayalam film “Vaathil,” set to grace screens during the upcoming Onam season. Scheduled for release in Kerala on August 31st, this cinematic gem features the dynamic duo of Vinay Fort and Anu Sithara in the lead roles, brought to life under the masterful direction of Sarju Remakanth.

The highly awaited trailer for “Vaathil” was unveiled today, offering a glimpse into a heartwarming family drama that promises to captivate audiences. Bursting with elements designed to entertain, this film guarantees a cinematic experience that will leave you uplifted. Earlier glimpses in the form of teasers and songs have already captured the audience’s imagination, building anticipation for the full feature.

The captivating screenplay of “Vaathil” was skillfully crafted by Shamnad Shabeer, while the project’s production was entrusted to Suji K Govindraj under the banner of Spark Pictures. The ensemble cast boasts talented actors including Krishna Shankar, Sunil Sugada, Anjali Nair, Unniraj, Abin Bino, VK Baiju, Pauly, Merin Philip, and Sminu, among other stellar talents.

Rajeesh Valanchery serves as the co-producer of this cinematic venture, adding his touch to the film’s creation. On the technical front, “Vaathil” proudly features a team of notable names. Manesh Madhavan’s artistic eye has brought the film’s visuals to life, while Sejo John’s musical compositions infuse emotion into every scene. The seamless flow of the film is expertly maintained by the editing prowess of John Kutty.

As the excitement builds for the release of “Vaathil,” audiences can expect a heartwarming family drama that combines stellar performances, engaging storytelling, and technical finesse to deliver an unforgettable cinematic experience

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