Check out the making video of Nayattu

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Check out the making video of Nayattu

Martin Prakkat’s ‘Nayattu’ is currently streaming on Netflix. Ever since it started streaming on the OTT platform, there has been a lot of highly positive talks about the film. Even non-Malayalis and celebs from various other industries have been raving about the film. Starring Kunchacko Boban, Nimisha Sajayan and Joju George as the leads, ‘Nayattu’ is a hard-hitting and thought-provoking film that is a part a social-drama as well as a survival-thriller.

Meanwhile, the film’s making video has been released online. It has director Martin Prakkat giving instructions to hid actors during the police station sequence, which is the film’s major turning point. Cinematographer Shyju Khalid is also seen in the video.

Though a section of social media users and critics has raised severe criticisms about the politics of ‘Nayattu’, the majority seems to have lapped up the film. Director Martin Prakkat has made a strong come back after six years and his upcoming films will be eagerly awaited.

Video Credits: IndiaGlitz

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