Shane Nigam – Sunny Wayne starrer Vela’s trailer unveiled

Shane Nigam- Sunny Wayne starrer Vela’s trailer unveiled

The eagerly awaited trailer of the Shane Nigam and Sunny Wayne starrer, “Vela,” has been unveiled, creating quite a buzz in the world of Mollywood. As two rising stars take the lead, this film promises to captivate audiences with its intriguing storyline. The trailer debuted at the premiere of the Pan-Indian movie “King of Kotha,” featuring Dulquer Salman.

Directed by the talented debutant Shyam Sasi, “Vela” casts Sunny Wayne and Shane Nigam as dedicated police officers. The trailer has garnered immense appreciation from viewers, offering a glimpse into a world filled with suspense, thrills, and drama. Action sequences play a pivotal role in advancing the movie’s narrative, adding an extra layer of excitement.

This project boasts a stellar ensemble cast, including accomplished artists such as Aditi Balan, Sidharth Bharathan, and MV Namritha, among others. Backed by S George under the esteemed banner of CYN-CIL Celluloid, “Vela” is poised to grace the silver screens in the near future.

The acclaimed musician Sam CS has masterfully curated the film’s musical score, while the captivating visuals are brought to life through the lenses of Suresh Rajan. Mahesh Bhuvanend’s expert editing skills will ensure a seamless and engaging storytelling experience. The screenplay, a work of art penned by M Sajas, promises to deliver a cinematic gem for the viewers.

As anticipation builds, audiences can look forward to “Vela” offering a gripping cinematic journey, led by the exceptional talents of Shane Nigam and Sunny Wayne in their roles as police officers.

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