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Swargathil Vaazhum: Shreya Ghoshal’s Melodic Magic in Alleppey Ashraf’s Directorial Comeback ‘Adiyantharavasthakalathe Anuragam’

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Swargathil Vaazhum: Shreya Ghoshal’s Melodic Magic in Alleppey Ashraf’s Directorial Comeback ‘Adiyantharavasthakalathe Anuragam’

Adiyantharavasthakalathe Anuragam, directed by the esteemed actor and director Alleppey Ashraf, has been making waves in the Malayalam film circuit. Following the recent release of its captivating trailer, the spotlight now shines on a musical masterpiece unveiled: the video song ‘Swargathil Vaazhum,’ soulfully rendered by the renowned singer Shreya Ghoshal.

Crafted by the music composer Afzal Yusuff and adorned with poignant lyrics by Titus Attingal, this song is swiftly becoming the heartbeat of enthusiasts of both music and cinema.

Under the esteemed banner of Olive Productions, spearheaded by Kuryachan Valakkuzhy, Titus Attingal & Alleppey Ashraf, this film promises a love saga set against the tumultuous backdrop of the Emergency period. Its narrative, woven intricately by a lakeside-dwelling ensemble, adds an intriguing layer to this tale.

Titus Attingal’s screenplay prowess shines through in Adiyantharavastha Kaalathe Anuragam. Notably, Alleppey Ashraf not only helms the direction but also graces the screen after a hiatus of over a decade, marking his directorial comeback.

The cinematic canvas is enriched further by the artistry of Nihal Pillai and Gopika Girish in the lead roles, supported by a stellar cast including Hakkim Shah, Krishna Praba, Kalabhavan Rahman, and Usha. Felisina, Priyan, Santhakumari, Ananthu Kollam, and JJ Kuttikkad add depth to the ensemble.

MT Mani’s cinematography and L Bhoominathan’s editing promise a visual treat, amplifying the storytelling experience.

Alleppey Ashraf’s legacy in the Malayalam film industry, acclaimed for his directorial finesse in the 80s and 90s, eagerly anticipates a resurgence with this film.

Stay tuned as Krepa Films Solutions presents this cinematic marvel in Kerala soon, courtesy of K Movies Release, promising an unforgettable journey into the essence of love amidst historical upheavals.

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