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Ajay Devgan in Hindi remake of Drishyam

Ajay Devgan in Hindi remake of Drishyam-Malayalam Movie-Onlookers Media

It is official now. Ajay Devgan will play the key role in the Hindi remake of Malayalam blockbuster movie Drishyam. Jeethu Joseph who engineered the original movie broke the news to public. Drishyam was revised in different languages such as Telugu and Kannada. Both the original and the remakes reaped gold at box office.

Jeethu Joseph is focusing on the Tamil version of the movie ‘Paapanasham’.  Kamal Haasan plays the protagonist in the movie. Jeethu Joseph granted Manorama online an interview during the International Film Festival and announced that Paapanasham will have its release in the first half of the next year. We are likely to come across minor changes in the Tamil version of the movie. For instance, while Mohanlal appeared as a Christian in the original, Kamal Haasan will represent a Hindu Nadar in the remake.

However, Tamil movie will not have any other major changes. Jeethu Joseph remarked that the most fascinating factor about the movie is the contrasting acting styles of Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan. He said it was a wonderful experience to witness two legendary actors doing the same character in two different ways, leaving the mark of their own on the character.

When it comes to the Hindi remake, there were rumours that Saif Ali Khan may do the central character in the movie. However, the rumour can be put to rest now that Jithu himself has made the public announcement that Ajay Devgan is booked to play the central character. Jeethu Joseph will not get involved in the movie as the director. They had approached Jeethu Joseph but he could not commit to the project since he is busy with other movies.  It is said that the Hindi version will undergo modification in the plot.

While the original story is build upon the eldest daughter of the protagonist, the Hindi version will have his sister as the prime focus. It would be a welcoming change for Ajay Devgan after doing the action movies like Singham. As for Jeethu Joseph, he will commence shooting for the next movie in December with Dileep in the lead role.

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