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Kalidas Jayaram requests people not to let down ‘simple’ movies like Aakashamittayee

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Kalidas Jayaram requests people not to let down ‘simple’ movies like Aakashamittayee

Jayaram’s latest release is Aakashamittayee, the official remake of Tamil film Appa. Samuthirakani, who helmed and starred in the original, has directed the Malayalam version along with M Padmakumar. It is a social drama that lets out a relevant message about the importance of good parenting and throws light on the drawbacks in our educational system.

Aakashamittayee has been getting pretty good reviews from the critics but the lack of publicity has affected the movie severely. Majority of the audience are not even aware of its release. Unfortunately, the movie is sinking and facing a wash out within a week of its release.

Jayaram’s son Kalidas took to his Facebook page to express his disappointment in seeing the movie going down despite getting good reviews. His post reads,

“Its very sad to see a movie not getting the appreciation that it deserves..i personally know how much expectations appa had for this film , he was soo excited about this film that he knew it would be a good comeback for him as his audience wanted a good and simple movie from him . And now after the release because of the lack in publicity the movie has not been having people inside the theater…those who saw the movie seem to be liking it a lot …i personally saw the movie and loved it ….i am not here to ask people to go and watch Aakashamittayee in theaters, watch it if you think movies like this should be made more ….and because of small issues like lack in publicity dont let simple movies like these die and remember small movies are just as important and relevant as the big ones
Hope this movie gets the recognition that it deserves

Jayaram is reprising the character played by Samuthirakani in Appa. Kalabhavan Shajon has essayed Tambi Ramaiah’s role from the original. Ineya, Sarayu Mohan and a bunch of kids are also part of the cast. Azhagappan has cranked the camera and the movie is produced by Maha Subair under the banner of Varnachitra Big Screen.

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