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Mohanlal’s latest blog about demonetisation

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Mohanlal’s latest blog about demonetisation

In his latest blog titled ‘A big salute to virtuous India’, actor Mohanlal has praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation move initiated against black money.

Mohanlal in his blog has written that he is now in a deserted area, 500 kms away from Jaipur.

He called the Prime Minister’s high denomination note scrapping move as a real surgical strike. The PM’s speech was a very definitive one after carefully studying India. Mohanlal also wrote that in a country where corruption has become a way of life, a move like this was very much necessary.

I admires only certain ideologies and not individuals. People stand before Beverages corporations, theatres and other places like religious centres in long queues without any complaints. I believe there is no problem in standing in queues before ATMs and banks for a good cause. Some people might ask what do you know about standing in queues. Whenever possible in Kerala or other states or in foreign countries, like everyone I have also waited in queues to carry out my needs.

The shooting team has also faced many difficulties due to the sudden demonetization ordered by the government. In an industry like cinema, where huge amounts are invested such a decision has had adverse effects, but still we are withstanding that for the betterment of the country. I am supporting this decision not only as a citizen but also as a judicious human being,writes Mohanlal.

There are mixed opinions about the government’s sudden decision to scrap the notes. Some people claim that even though the demonetisation is a good move in the longer run, but the government’s planning was very poor affecting the common man’s day to day life severely. Thousands are standing in front of banks and ATMs in long queues for their money.

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