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A Mother’s act for the life of her son

A Mother’s act for the life of her son-Actress Sethu Lakshmi

Mothers are always the ones who cares for their children’s life more than that of their own. This is a fact as old as the world and once again examples are coming in front our eyes and this time it is from Mollywood. Everyone now know actress Sethu Lakshmi who mesmerized us with her acting excellence through films like Left Right Left, How Old Are You etc. Her latest release was Mammootty starrer Utopiayile Rajavu. Even if the film did not do well at box office her performance was a standout one from the rest of the cast. Sethu Lakshmi has won the State award announced this year for the Best Character Actress. She was an experienced stage artist before and a four time State Award winner for Best Stage Female Artist acting in all of the popular drama groups of Kerala including KPAC and Surya Soma.

But her story is a sad one in real life. Sethu Lakshmi is acting in movies now without any rest considering her health condition in this age. All these hard work is to save her son’s life who is suffering with damaged Kidneys. Even though Sethu Lakshmi got ready to give one of her kidneys, the son is refusing it as he care for his mother’s health. Her son’s name is Kishore and he was also an actor and mimicry artist too before becoming bedridden with this kidney disease.

That is why in this age of 70 years, Sethu Lakshmi had to come to the acting field after doing so many roles in her on stage career in her prime. But Sethu Lakshmi is enjoying each moment in front of the camera as well. Apart from a source of getting enough money for her son’s treatment she is also a passionate actress as well who has spent a lot of her days as different characters in these 70 years of her life.

Her husband was Arjunan who was a makeup artist. After she got the state award for best female stage artist she got a call to act in serials and later that paved the way to the world of cinema and now cinema field is accepting Sethu Lakshmi with both hands as she is continuing the selfless mother’s act for her son’s life.

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