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New union will work for the betterment of cinema: Dileep

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New union will work for the betterment of cinema: Dileep

We had earlier reported about the cinema strike being called off and a new federation being formed with the support of actor Dileep. The actor while talking to the media said that the new union will be for the betterment of cinema.

He said, “This new union is an union of Malayalam cinema. The future of the industry will be taken care by the union. The newly formed union will function with the support of producers and distributors.”

When asked about Liberty Basheer’s allegations against him the actor said, “I don’t anything to say about that. Apart from an actor, I am also a producer, distributor and a theatre owner. So I can understand their situations. My theatre was built with 80% loan and I am paying the interests even today, so I don’t have anything to say about Liberty Basheer’s allegations. Four movies are yet to be released. Theatres should not be closed. Demands should be only made for needs and not out of greed. There is no cinema without audience and they are our guests. So the doors of cinema halls should not be closed before them.”

Exhibitors Federation president, Liberty Basheer had earlier accused Dileep for trying to destroy the federation.

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