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Now its Boycott PK movement, new online battle is ready for time-pass

Now its Boycott PK movement, new online battle is ready for time-pass-Aamirakhan-Anushka Shetty-Onlookers Media;

People now- a -days want more and more controversies and it just become a part of their life just like food, water and shelter. Now its about the latest release of Aamir Khan named ‘PK’, which was directed by Raj Kumar Hirani. It’s a film about God and Godmen and discussing an issue about the blind following of religions and rituals. Now it’s the turn of Hindutva followers as they says that, this film is mocking at the Hindu religion and also making fun of its rituals. They told people to boycott the film and through online medias like twitter they created a battle named  #BoycottPK .  And the people who supports the issue discussed in the film created another movement with the name #support PK in twitter. Do you think this these issues had any significance at all..?

Just think Why all this intolerance to from some people?  Some months before another Bollywood film named Haider directed by Vishal Bharadwaj faced the same issue as some of the people protested against it saying that the film is against Hinduism and against India.  Why this kind of attacks..?.. In India we have the freedom of expression given to us by our constitution and these kind of attacks is just like suppressing that freedom. An artist had the right to express what he thinks through his art. But these kind of people who only see the world through the eyes of religion or any other barriers which divide people, are not in a mood to allow it or in fact disrespect the Right of a Citizen and thereby our constitution itself.

Now its Boycott PK movement, new online battle is ready for time-pass-Aamirakhan-Anushka Shetty-Onlookers Media;

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The people who leads this #BoycottPK, claim that the movie attacks Hinduism and the rituals and practices associated with it.  The people who watched the film and understand it knows that the protester’s claim was just rubbish. Raj Kumar Hirani is only tried to tell that the so called mediators between people and God are not always Good and they had their own selfish motives. The film does not just attack Hinduism and its practices. The film does not told anything disrespectful against any religion at all. The film just tried tell about the wrong practices that is happening behind the name of religions and in the name of GOD. It is not the first film to tell this. Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal starrer ‘Oh, My God’ which was directed by Umesh Shukla was raised this issue more openly before.

Some of the supporters of  #BoycottPK on Twitter  claims that the film promotes ‘Love Jihad’.  It was also hard to digest. They said that its because the character played by Anushka falls in love with a Pakistani boy, character played by Sushant. What a ridiculous claim by them..!.. Really a funny claim, to say the least about it. We are not saying PK is a great film. It depends on the mindset and expectation of the people who watches the film, but it is a good entertainer. It talks about a very relevant social issue about the so called God-men who really cheating common people in the name of God. This film is about the foolishness of practicing some ridiculous practices in all religions.

It’s not against Hinduism in particular. It’s really wrong to say that PK is against religion or Hinduism particularly. You can watch and decide Your-self in this matter of boycott or support PK.

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