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Others have to learn a lot from Alphonse Puthren

Others have to learn a lot from Alphonse Puthren-Premam-Neram-Malayalam movie-Onlookers Media

Alphonse Puthren is now one of the best directors Mollywood have and with the success of both his films titled Neram and Premam this man has really raised the standard of films in Mollywood. He has his own unique way of film making and a style which cannot be imitated so easily. We have many directors in our industry who has experience and many hits in their bag as a director. Sadly many of them failed in updating their knowledge about cinema and that was the real cause for their failures recently and for them this director is a learning lesson.

In Neram and Premam Alphonse Puthren not only shine as director alone. He had scripted, edited and even acted in these films and had done a great job in all the fields. The technical knowledge and skill he has in cinema is great and he always tries to update himself with new technologies that can use in cinema and new styles that can bring into film making. That itself gives a fresh feeling to his films and that is the main cause of success of his films.
He had edited the film named Neram using one of the cheapest editing softwares available named Vegas and done a terrific job even with that. Because he knows what he wants and he knows how and where it get that. That was his strength.

Another thing that separate him from others is that his master mind in marketing the films. He makes sure that from the title graphics to the lyrics of the songs everything should be a tool of marketing for his film. His first film Neram and his second film Premam was well noticed for its title designs and the lyrics of its songs such as “Pistha sumakira” in Neram and “Scene Contra” in Premam. He used the scope of online promotions to its maximum for his film.  The online promo using the song “Aluva Puzhayude” was a viral hit and it was that which really made the public to know about this film and that made them the hope and expectation regarding the film.

Alphonse Puthren is a master in using the online promotion methods which are playing the most integral part in a film’s success now-a-days. Many senior film makers still not understand the value of online promotions and even super star films were not making it to good use. They all have to look at this man learn how he uses the resources to its best effects specially the online marketing.

Film makers like Vineeth Sreenivasan and Aashiq Abu follows their own methods of online marketing and unique marketing strategies through social media and online pages while marketing their films and other have to look at them as well and learn how to make one’s own film to reach to the spectators using the proper marketing strategies for a flick. This master technician named Alphonse Puthren is here to stay for long as he has the element in him to carry on for long.

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