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Producers were reluctant to cast Fahadh in the beginning, says Lal Jose

Producers were reluctant to cast Fahadh Faasil in the beginning, says Lal Jose-Onlookers Media

Fahadh Faasil is one of the most in demand actors in Malayalam now. He has managed to make a lucrative career by delivering back-to-back super hits. However, it was not a cakewalk for the young actor. Lal Jose talked about Fahadh’s early career and shed light on Fahadh’s struggles to make a career in the film industry. Lal Jose made these revelations about Fahadh Faasil while attending the function organized to celebrate the 100 days of his latest movie Vikramadithyan.

It is a well-known fact that Fahadh made his entry into the movies through Kayyethum Doorathu, which was directed by his father Fazil. Though the movie was much hyped, the movie collapsed at box office and received negative reviews from the critics. Fahadh made the decision to go abroad for his post graduation. He came back to India after completing his post graduation and he wanted to try his luck in movies once again.

Lal Jose said that Fahadh approached him and expressed his desire to work with him as an assistant director. Lal Jose noted that he had a feeling that Fahadh is good enough to become an actor and therefore, he decided to cast him as the protagonist in his next movie Mother India.Lal Jose revealed that he negotiated with several producers for the project but no one was willing to cast Fahadh in the lead role.  This had forced Lal Jose to put the project on hold.

However, Fahadh Faasil obtained a breakthrough with the movie Chaapa Kurishu where he played one of the two protagonists alongside Vineeth Sreenivasan.  The movie was an analysis of how the abuse of modern techniques such as MMS and other applications can ruin your life.The movie was a huge success and Fahadh surprised everyone with his amazing performance in the movie.  His performance was a substantiation of his superb acting skills. Naturally, his stock in the industry saw a steep increase and he soon became one of the hottest names in the industry.  Lal Jose remarked that he could no longer proceed with Mother India since the movie also dealt with the subject of MMS and hence, the project was nixed. Lal Jose divulged that Fahadh Faasil was the key reason for the establishment of his production house L.J.films so that he will be able to provide the newcomers with ample opportunities.

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