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Rajadhiraja director Ajay Vasudev in trouble

Ajay Vasudev Ennum Eppozhum Facebook Post-Mohanlal-Mammootty -Onlookers Media

Now-a –days your every action, thoughts and deeds are watched by the cyber world, especially the world of social medias very closely. You can express whatever you want or whatever you think of. But the replay will come very soon from those who are watching what you are saying and observing what is your activities are all about. The so called online attack on certain person is the result of that kind of an online culture which seems to be ultra -vigilant and highly sensitive. There are many who had ended up being at the receiving end of these kind of highly sensitive online attacks and most of them are from the film or entertainment industry where stardom and popularity matters the most. Each celebrity from film industry has many a number of followers or fans who is very closely monitoring each moves of their hero and each one which is going opposite him.

The latest issue regarding the matter of online attack is about Mohanlal’s latest film named Ennum Eppozhum and a director named Ajai vasudev’s remarks about it. Ennum Eppozhum was released yesterday all over India along with another film Oru Vadakkan Selfie which has Nivin Pauly in the lead. Now there is a screen shot going viral in social media sites which is said to be taken from the timeline or Facebook page of director Ajai Vasudev who is the director of last year’s Mammootty starrer film named Rajadhiraja. The screenshot contains his remarks about the film and that too in a negative way.

Ajay Vasudev Ennum Eppozhum Facebook Post-Mohanlal-Mammootty - Onlookers Media

The screen shot showing that he is praising the film Oru Vadakkan Selfie and degrading the film Ennum Eppozhum by saying that it is not a good one and also indirectly saying that Mohanlal and Sathyan Anthikkad had failed before Vineeth Sreenivasan and Nivin Pauly. Mohanlal fans and his followers were really agitated by these remarks seen in that screenshot and they are trolling and attacking Ajai Vasudev in online in whatever way they could adopt. But when we checked the profile of Ajai Vasudev there is nothing so called status by him. Either he may have removed it or the screenshot spreading which caused great agitation among fans is a fake one. But he is been getting attacked in a very strong manner by the fans of Mohanlal.

Mohanlal is the star with most number of fans and followers in Kerala and in social media too. So anything like this even if it is a fake one will create unbelievable reactions from the people who love him. We don’t know whether the screenshot is a real one or fake one. We even don’t know Ajai Vasudev is innocent or not. But we are sure that these kind of things are not good for Mollywood and its future. Meanwhile Ennum Eppozhum has got very good reviews from all the social media pages and online portals and also getting positive word of mouth from the people of  Kerala. Hope these kind of not so good things does not affect the successful going of the film.

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