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TakeOne short film contest-NIT calicut-Onlookers Media

Take One, South India’s largest short film contest will happen from 26-29 March 2015. It will be conducted as a part of the Ragam Festival which occurs in NIT Calicut. Judges for the contest are Bobby Sanjay, Pratap Pothen and Madhupal. Prizes include a cash prize of Rs.50,000 and many more opportunities just like the winners get the chance to interact with the members of the judging panel. It will be a great opportunity for short film makers and the ones who want to make their mark in the film field. As it is the largest Short film contest that is happening in the southern part of India, a recognition here will be a great opening for young talents. There are participants from all over India and the last date to submit your entries is 28th February 2015.

As a part of Ragam festival there are many entertainment shows, workshops etc will be there and the participation of people will be enormous. Each year the number of people who comes to see this festival and also to be a part of this festival is increasing and the wide network they have also instrumental in attracting people to the festival. They have their own website, facebook page and other online promotional methods to make people know all about the specialities of this festival and it helps to attract more and more people which include celebrities and other prominent members of the society to this grand Festival.

They have chosen Onlookers Media as one of their Online partners and we are extremely happy to co-operate with them in such a wonderful art and cultural festival which gave a platform for lots and lots of talents to show their skills and which provide a door of opportunity for them to achieve their dreams. Being the biggest such festival in South India they have the world’s eyes on them and the it is a great think for young talents that if they participate in this festival through this short film contest the eyes of the world will be on them and it is more than any prize that they can ask for. Anyway don’t waste this opportunity to be on the limelight and show the world who you really are.

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