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Now doubt is cleared which ‘I’ gave some people

Now doubt is cleared which 'I' gave some people-I movie-Vikram-Shankar-Amy Jackson-Onlookers Media

While watching the film ‘I’ many people have a doubt regarding one scene in the film. There is a scene in that film which shows bees attacking a person and that made people think how to escape or save themselves from the bee attack if that happens in our life. And the experts say that water is a poor shelter from bee attack. And the character who got attacked by bees seems know this fact as he stood near the swimming pool bearing the bee attack all by himself.

Some people said that shanker made a big mistake here. They says that if that character had jumped into that swimming pool, he would have been escaped from that bee sting. This funny thing was noticed by some film lovers in the social medias. But according to experts, Shankar had not made any mistakes as water is not a good means of resistance against Bee attack.

There are other ways to escape from the attacking bees. You can run away from them rather than standing there and tries to swat them away. That’s a mistake. One have to run till they get a shelter or a car which is full proof. If they don’t have any shelter near , they have to run through shrubs and bushes and thereby distract the bees. Bees cannot pursue you more than a half a mile. So the character in the film ‘I’ can run also to save himself rather than standing there. Standing in one place and swatting the bees gives them more time to recruit from the colonies and that will result in more and more sting on your body.

If one can successfully run away from the stinging bees, the next thing he or she had to do is to remove the stingers from their skins as quick as possible as the stingers have venom it and it will create more problems by pumping more venom into our body. After doing all that one will have to go for medical attention as soon as possible as it is highly dangerous for life.
Anyway it seems that ‘I’ was made by Shankar after studying about all this and that’s why he is called the master craftsman.

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