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Mohanlal all set for legal action against troll pages

Mohanlal all set for legal action against troll pages-Onlookers Media

Universal Star Of Mollywood, Mohanlal is all set to take legal actions against those troll pages and other abusive pages in social media like Facebook which continuously creating fake news and abusive contents about and against him and his family. It has been a long time that these kind of pages are abusing Mohanlal with vulgar and edited pictures and news with no truth in it at all. But Mohanlal was as usual silent against them and they are making merry by abusing and insulting them and really cashing in on his tolerance. But recently they gone a little further and began to abuse and insult Mohanlal’s family members and close friends with fake news and other methods.

Now, Mohanlal decided to react strongly and as per reports he is already filed complaints in the cyber cell about these kind of abusing pages which deliberately creating false news and using vulgar methods to insult and abuse him and his family members. There are pages like Troll Lalappan, Red Fox Media, Actress Gallery etc and they all are just created for abusing Mohanlal in one way or other. There are also many other small pages also with these. Troll Lalappan page is already deleted by the legal authorities and its admins will be arrested soon.

It is almost a usual scene in social medias that the fans of different superstars fighting with each other through abusive comments and all that. But in this case it has gone over every limit of insult and abuse and they are not even sparing the wife and children or even the close friends of Mohanlal. Mohanlal is an actor who got Padmasree, one of the highest civilian Honors of the country. He is also said to be in the contention for Padma Bhushan this year. He also got 4 national awards and Honorary Lieutenant Colonel rank in the Indian Teritorial Army. If a person of His dignity is having these problems, what would be the situation of others.? Now social medias like Facebook and Whatsapp had become a platform for all kind of filthy intellectual activities and become the source of all kinds of false and fake news.

Anyway it is a welcome step by Mohanlal to take legal action against this and the news of his plan is told to the people by Sajiv Soman, the Admin of Mohanlal’s official Facebook page.

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