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There’s a reason behind why Bollywood can never make a movie like Baahubali

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There’s a reason behind why Bollywood can never make a movie like Baahubali

Baahubali has scripted a new history in Indian cinema. The movie has successfully broken the popular belief that Indian cinema is nothing but Bollywood. A regional cinema has now become the highest grossing Indian movie of all time and it has become a talk even in the international platforms.

Even when Baahubali has proved that a success of such massive proportions is possible, there are still speculations about whether a movie like this can be made in Indian cinema’s biggest film industry, Bollywood.

National award winner PM Satheesh, the sound designer of Baahubali is of the opinion that Bollywood can never make such a movie. The reason he feels is that Bollywood doesn’t have proper discipline. According to him, in Bollywood, if a movie is made on a Rs 600 crore budget only 100 crores will be spent as production cost, rest will be eaten up by the stars and other associated people. Whereas in Baahubali, every single money has gone into the production and the quality is there to be seen.

PM Satheesh adds that people in Bollywood will never spend that kind of money for the quality. While working for Baahubali, the technical team could ask for anything. If they are able to logically and rationally explain the need for such an equipment, the production team will get that done. But in Bollywood, they had to struggle hard to convince them even for the basics.

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