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Baahubali joined 500 crore club

Baahubali joined 500 crore club

SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali reached the milestone of 500 crore with in a short, shortest span of just 24 days. The movie, which is said as the biggest motion picture ever from Indian cinema for its highest budget, hit the screens almost 3 weeks before. The movie was well received by the audience even with all the huge anticipation and expectation it created. Baahubali achieved one of the biggest opening ever and took the box office by storm. As one of the most creative and skillful director SS Rajamouli presented a spectacular extravaganza with its epic note on screens and was almost beyond every Indian audiences expectations.

Bahubali, which is still running at 2000 screens all around the world is creating wonders in box-office and became the first Telugu movie to reach the height of 500 crore club. Even though a bilingual movie, which was shot in both Tamil and Telugu was also dubbed to many more languages including Malayalam. The movie starring Prabhas as Amarendra Baahubali is also the actors biggest hit ever. The stardom of Prabhas is well utilized throughout the picture through SS Rajamouli’s intelligent and entertaining craft.

In every way Baahubali is one of the finest and technically brilliant visual treat for every kind of audience. The high voltage war sequences and other stunts are made in Hollywood standards by including worlds finest technicians in the crew. And at the end the hard work and dedication of the whole team was rewarded by the audience with both hands. The movie which was made at a huge budget of 250 crores reached 100 crore club in just 35 hours (and is another record in its crown) also reached a figure of 450 crores in 15 days.

As a movie which is a pride for Indian cinema, Baahubali does deserved this huge success in every way, even though it does not offer much to the viewers in an artistic dimension.

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