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A father must be a hero for his son, says Mammootty

A father must be a hero for his son, says mega star Mammootty-Dulquer Salmaan-Onlookers Media

Mammootty opens his mind to malayalees many times, not only just an actor but also as a Social animal, as a parent, as a professional and in various Other ways. As a much experienced man he always ready to give advise to the younger generation and on the whole to all malayalees. In fact Mammootty is a role model for many people for his Personality, discipline in life, His health habits, his style and his way of updating himself in the changing modern world.

To be a star for close to 30 years in a competitive field like Cinema or visual media is not very easy and one has to update himself regularly and had to make many sacrifices for it. And Mammootty is one such Person along with his contemporary, Universal star Mohanlal, who had able to do so and survive in the industry for more than 30 years and still  be the best in their business. Both of them are the central pillars of Mollywood even after 30 years they made their debut in Malayalam cinema.

Mammootty’s son Dulquar salman also now become a star in Mollywood with a number  of hits in his pocket and also cherishes to have a good fan following. Recently  Mammootty said in an  interview that a father must  be his son’s hero. In all respects , a father have to be the role model for his son. For that a father had to be committed and dedicated to the work he is doing, have to stand for the right thing and show his son the right and wrong and help to him be a good citizen.

As we all know, Infact  Mammootty proves himself to be that kind of personality and his son Dulquer Salman had many times said in different media interviews that  his hero and inspiration is his father and Mammootty as a father and as an a professional is always a role model for him. Mammootty adds that parents should give their children healthy and non toxic food. They should also be given good education. Parents should lead exemplary life for their children to follow.

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