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Aadu Thoma coming again to thrill us

Aadu Thoma coming again to thrill us-Spadikam Returns-

Aadu Thoma, it’s a name no Malayali can forget. A character that got epic status in Mollywood and has most number of fans among the characters which celebrating masculine power. And it was done by none other than Mohanlal, who is the most loved son of Malayali audience.  Aadu Thoma was the character name of Mohanalal in the film ‘Sphadikam’ that got released in 1995 and it was directed by Bhadran. The film was a tremendous success and in fact it was a trendsetter in Mollywood. It was one among those characters like Bharath Chandran IPS, Indhuchoodan, Mangalassery Neelakandan, Joseph Alex etc, which has a cult following even after many years.

It tells the story of the relation between a father and son. The transformation of  ThomasChacko to Aadu Thoma. Thilakan played the father role named Chacko and many of his dialogues were still popular among viewers. But the performance of Mohanlal was the highlight of the film. His dialogues and action scenes were just breathtaking. And the scenes featuring him and thilakan was just stunning. And much to the delight of our new generation audience, Aadu Thoma is coming back. Yes, The director Badhran himself told to the media that ‘Sphadikam’ will be re-releasing in digital format in 2015.

Mohanlal’s ‘Narasimham’, directed by Shaji Kailas which was released in the year 2000 was re-released in this December in Dubai and got unbelievable reception from the audience there. After seeing that success, Mohanlal fans and other film lovers requested through online medias that they want a re-release of Spadikam too. Now the director himself said that he is considering it too and will make all the arrangements for Aadu Thoma’s grand return.

Mohanlal Got the state award for best actor and also got film fare award for his performance in this film in 1995. Rajan p Dev, Indrans, Chippi, K P SC Lalitha, Urvashi, Silk Smitha etc were also part of this epic film. In 2007, actor-director Sundar C remade this film into Tamil titled as ‘Veerappu’. Famous actor Sphadikam George made his debut as a villain through ‘spadikam’ and with the stunning success it got, he also got famous among the audience as ‘Sphadikam George’.

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