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Liar’s Dice did not make it to the Oscar race

Liar’s Dice did not make it to the Oscar race-Geethu Mohandas-Rajeev Ravi-Onlookers Media

Liar’s Dice, the much appreciated and national award winning film, directed by Malayalam actress Geethu Mohandas was out of the Oscar race. Geethu Mohandas herself announced this news to the film lovers through her Facebook page. It was quite a disappointment for viewers as they had high hopes on it to do good in Oscars in the foreign film category. Everyone Expected it to go forward in Oscars once ‘Liar’s Dice’ was selected as India’s official entry to Oscar awards this year.

Geethu Mohandas said in her Facebook post that Liar’s Dice did not make it to the final list for Foreign Language selection.  She told that It was a spectacular learning experience for her and her crew and she want to thank the entire cast and crew for supporting her to make this great film. She said that she had to give special thanks to her producers, people like Alan McAlex, Ajay Rai, Vinod Sekhar and her husband and cinematographer of the film, Rajeev Ravi. She said that their journey has just began and they had miles to go ahead.

Liar’s dice story tells the life of a mother who is wandering through the streets of Delhi with her daughter, in search of her husband who was missing. Navasudeen Siddique and Geethanjali Dhappa played the lead roles in the film and the film had won national award for Best actress and Best cinematography. Cinematography of the film is done by none other than Rajeev Ravi , who is the husband of the director Geethu Mohandas.

Rajeev Ravi was recently in the news for his controversial remark about Mnai Ratnam and Sreenivasan (Malayalam actor and writer), in which he said that he hate Sreenivasan films as it does nothing good to the society and he also told that he dost not think script is an essential part of film making. He in fact wants to burn the scripts before the shooting of the film. Against his statement people like Vineeth Sreenivasan came out through his page and gave a sarcastic reply to him. His wife Geethu Mohandas came out for his support later telling that it was his personal opinion and everyone had the right to tell what he or she thinks about a particular matter.

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