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Aamayum Muyalum was the latest offering from the Master Director  Priyadarshan to the Mollywood audience in this Christmas season. The film is  written by Priyadarshan Himself and it is a Malayalam remake of His Hindi film named ‘Maalamal Weekly’. Priyadrashan posted in Facebook page yesterday that even though he is going through some painful days, he is  trying to make us laugh and for that he is presenting us with  ‘Aamayum Muyalum’. Yes, it was a painful time for him indeed as his divorce issue is in court now. But when we see Aamyum Muyalum, we also feel a little pain as Priyan seems to be a shadow of himself.

We know the caliber of Priyadarshan as a director. He is the director who has made most number of successful Comedy films in Indian cinema. He is also so versatile that the same Priyan who gave us Kilukkam and Thenmavin Kombathu also gave us Kaalapani and Kanjeevaram. He had a magic in him and he had a Midas touch indeed. But Aamyum Muyalum ended as an average affair to say the least.

The story happens in an imaginary village that reminds us of his blockbuster ‘Thenmavin Kombathu’. It’s a village where most of the people who are poor and also suffering from the cruel deeds of a lady landlord, played by Sukanya. Innocent is playing the character called Nallavan and Jayasurya plays as a character who works for Nallavan and he is in love with Nallavan’s daughter, character played by Piya Bajpai. Nedumudi Venu plays the character of a lottery agent. The story begins when one of the villager named Antony won the first prize in a lottery draw, of rupees 5 crore and that lottery happened to be sold by Nedumudi Venu’s character.  He at first tries to conceal the this news from everyone and makes a plan to get back that winning lottery and take all the money by himself. But all his plans were disturbed with an unexpected incident and from there the story kicks of in a racy mood with some hilarious subplots.

The film offers us something to laugh and the performances of artists were also very good. But the film is almost 164 minutes and the length really pulled the film down from what could be an above average entertainer to an average entertainer. We can’t say that Priyadarshan is back, but surely he showed the signs of getting back onto his track as some sequences here and there really reminded us of the old Priyan magic that we saw in films like Thenmavin Kombathu, Chandralekha etc. If one can watch this film without the hangover of previous Priyan classics, he/she can surely enjoy it. Jayasurya as an actor had nothing to do in it as the central characters were played by Innocent and Nedumudi Venu. M G Sreekumar’s music was not upto the mark and Divakar Mani’s visuals was beautiful.

Mohanlal, with his magical voice introduces the story and character in the beginning and that helped Priyan a lot to bring the audience into the story without much effort. The climax portion even though consist of usual Priyan style, it created a lot of laughter inside the cinema hall. Totally, Aamyum Muyalum is a one-time watchable family entertainer if you go without a prejudiced mindset.

Director : Priyadarshan
Release Date : 19/12/2014
Cast : Jayasurya, Pia Bajpai, Nedumudi Venu, Anoop Menon

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