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Aamir Khan in legal trouble once again after PK

Aamir Khan in legal trouble once again after PK

Aamir Khan, Mr. perfectionist of Bollywood seems to be in a sort of legal trouble again after the controversies he had to deal with the theme of his last film named PK which of course became the all-time Mega blockbuster in Indian cinema history by collecting around 750 crore from worldwide.

Aamir is not only knowns as a great actor but also as a great human being and social activist as well. He really made waves in India with his television programme named Satyamev Jayate which was a program intended to bring out the wrongdoings in the society and also aimed at giving the deserved justice for the common man in the society. The program went viral and even in Kerala also it had got great reach and complete actor Mohanlal who is been a great friend of Aamir Khan was the brand ambassador of that programme here. But now he is in trouble reportedly and that too a legal trouble related to the above mentioned program.

A man named Harman Singh Sidhu has filed a public interest petition in Haryana High Court against this programme and Aamir Khan stating that he is using the national emblem of the country illegally in the program. The court has accepted the petition as well. The court has decided to hear this case on the 3rd of November. The petitioner Harman Singh Sidhu is an NGO worker in Chhattisgarh and he says that using the national emblem of our country in a television programme will evoke misunderstanding among the people. It will send the wrong message as well to the society says Harman.

He demands termination of the programme completely or at least removing the emblem from the programme advertisement and from programme as well. He also has the opinion that the program is not conducted in the right way. Earlier also many people had come against the programme in court but all such cases were rejected by the court. The common people really accepted the program with both hands and Aamir Khan’s honest participation was a key in that success.

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