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Actor Shine Tom Chacko arrested for possessing drugs

Actor Shine Tom Chacko arrested for possessing drugs-Onlookers Media

A Shocking news that break out just shaked Mollywood today Morning. The news is that actor Shine Tom Chacko has been arrested by the Kochi police with 3 other ladies for using and possessing prohibited drugs. They have been arrested with rupees 10 lakh worth cocaine from a flat at kadavanthra. The flat is under the ownership of controversial Thissur based businessman.

When police made a raid and made the arrest, Shine Tom Chacko and and other 3 ladies who said to be models are high on drugs and now they are at Kadavanthara police station for detailed interrogation. First information is coming in that the drugs came from Goa where Shine and others were involved in a smokers party. The arrest were made in the leadership of Kochi assistant Commissioner Suresh Kumar. Police said that they had got the information 22 days before on January 8. They are waiting for the right moment and today morning they made a rapid action raid and got the culprits red handed.

Shine Tom Chacko was become very popular with the recent surprised hit directed By Binu S titled Ithihasa. Sources says that the arrest of Shine tom chacko had pressed the panic button for some film personalities who are cochin based and the detailed interrogation by the police will pave way for more arrests soon. There has been a thought among the new generation film makers and actors that the use of drugs will improve their creativity and these false belief made them to fall into these traps very easily. Sometime ago actor Sreenivasan also raised this issue about the frequent use of ganja among the new generation film makers.

Police has seized 10 gram of Coccaine from the arrested ones and Shine had said to the police that it was given to him by a friend from Goa. Earlier also many new generation film personalities were accussed of using this drugs, but they cannot be arrested because of the lack of evidence against them. But this incident may become a lead to all those who were part of this chain and we will see a cleaning up in the industry hopefully.

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