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Once an authoritarian; Liberty Basheer’s condition now!

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Once an authoritarian; Liberty Basheer’s condition now!

Liberty Basheer, the former president of Kerala State Exhibitors Federation has lost all his power and that is evident from the movies being screened in his Liberty Complex in Thalassery.

Liberty Basheer headed the exhibitors’ cinema strike demanding a 50-50 profit share from theatrical collections. The strike stalled the release of several movies scheduled to release for Christmas. Malayalam film industry witnessed a strange 35- 40 days without even a single release. Finally with the intervention of actor Dileep, a new union was formed with the support of producers and distributors association.

All the movies scheduled to release for Christmas, Jomonte Suvisheshangal, Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol, Fukri and Ezra have now been released. However, theatres owned by Liberty Basheer and some of his associates have not got the new releases. This is because they have still not given the written agreement which the producers and distributors had demanded from all theatre owners, stating to comply with their conditions.

Liberty Basheer’s Liberty complex in Thalassery houses five screens. Currently, only four of them is functioning. Little Paradise, Liberty Movie House and Mini Paradise are screening C class semi porn movies like Pathimoonampakkam Paarkkam, Secret girls 009, Pollathaval. Other two movies being screened in the complex are Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and Tamil actor Sasikumar’s Balle Vellaiyathevaa.

The current position of Libery Basheer is now the trending topic of trolls in social medias. Once an authoritarian who had the final word whether to release movies or not is now screening semi porn movies in his theatres. We are reminded of a striking dialogue from a recent movie, Karma is a boomerang..!!

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