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Bharathchandran IPS 3 on the cards

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Bharathchandran IPS 3 on the cards

Suresh Gopi’s Bharathchandran IPS is one of the most iconic characters in Malayalam cinema. The actor rose to super stardom with his terrific performance as the honest and forthright cop Bharathchandran in Commissioner. The movie, released in 1994, was a product of the Renji Panicker- Shaji Kailas team.

Commissioner was a massive blockbuster. It established Suresh Gopi as a superstar in Malayalam cinema. Renji Panicker’s fierce and powerful dialogues enjoys a cult status in the Malayali pop culture.

Eleven years later a sequel to the movie was made, titled as Bharathchandran IPS. The movie was written and directed by Renji Panicker himself. The sequel was also a superhit success.

Now we hear that Renji Panicker is planning a third part for the movie. According to reports, Liberty Basheer will produce this movie titled tentatively as Bharathchandran Returns. Reportedly, the makers are planning to release the movie by the end of this year.

An official confirmation regarding the same is still awaited from the makers side.

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