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Bhavana reveals the bad experiences she had faced that night!

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Bhavana reveals the bad experiences she had faced that night!

Bhavana had recently described the happenings that had wounded her to a Malayalam monthly magazine. This is what the actress wanted to tell “I know that majority of you know the actual facts that had occurred to me that night. And for those of you who have not known it, this is for you. I wish that no girl in this society should ever go through such a situation, that is why I tell the whole happenings to the world

She began, “I started my journey from Thrissur to Cochin after dusk. I often noticed a catering van which had been following my vehicle, it had hit my car and made a rough scene with my driver on the road. They were later seen talking to the people inside the van.

While I was sitting puzzled, unaware of the situation two from each side of my car had entered and caught firmly both my hands. They had already got my phone and my body started to shiver. They had told me that they have to take the driver on basis of a quotation offered and would leave me unharmed in a safe place. I was a bit relieved now and asked them to drop me at Lal media” she continued.

The catering van was still behind us and had stopped at regular intervals. I spotted people getting in and out of the van and messages being passed through phones. I felt a bit tensed and asked them what they were doing. Soon the guy who had picked me up from the airport during the shoots of Honey Bee 2 in Goa had entered inside my car and told me that this is a quotation that a women had given us to capture a video of yours and would ring you up later to talk about the deal. I felt that death was more easier than giving up myself to them at that instant. He also added that if not I had allowed them to capture the video clip they would take me to a flat at Cochin with a five member gang and would drug and rape me up!

Inside the car they both harassed me physically and mentally. I was helpless and did not know what to do… The only thing that I had found mercy was the hanging rosary in the back-view mirror…” the actress added.

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