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Bollywood against Aamir Khan’s comment about intolerance in India !

Aamir Khan intolerance in India

The comments about intolerance in India is coming from many people now and some people got support and some people don’t. Weeks back it was Sharukh Khan who said that in India intolerance is growing because of the bad effects of Government’s attitude to many issues. Sharukh khan was severely attacked by Bharatiya Janata Party and Vishwa Hindu Parishat for that and some of them said him to leave India and go to Pakistan. But he got great support from his Collegeus from the industry and social Media support as well. Now it’s the turn of Aamir Khan as he also expressed the same concern of growing intolerance in our country. But surprisingly he getting not much support from his industry even though social media backs him very well.

Aamir Khan said that intolerance is growing in our country and he said that he wife Kiran Rao asked him whether they might be forced to leave the country or not if this situation prevails. But that particular part of his comment that made all the difference as instead of getting support he is getting criticized by people from Bollywood. They are saying that by making such a comment about leaving the country he had insulted the nation. Bhratiya Janata Party members spilled black oil on his posters in different parts of the country as well.

Popular actor Anupam Kher asks him when did incredible India became intolerant India for him..? He asks Aamir that whether he asked his wife to which nation she wants to go or not..? Anupam Kher reminds Aamir Khan that this is the country that made him a super star and he have to give them hope rather than making them terrorized through such irresponsible comments. Director Ram Gopal Varma said that in Hindu Majority country like India, if 3 Muslim film actors can become the biggest stars here then it proves that Majority of the nation is not intolerant.

Actress Raveena Tandan said that if Aamir Khan had any personal feelings against Prime Minister Narendra Modi then he should say it openly. But by making such a comment he is insulting the country. She asks from where did this fear comes to him now, which is not there when the country is attacked by terrorists some years back. Actor Rishi Kapoor also said that to lead the society from mistakes to right things is the duty of a rightful citizen. That is the heroism and making such comments is not at all the right way to do it.

Aamir Khan told it while he was attending the award giving ceremony in the name of Ramnath Goyanke in Delhi and while he was saying Cabinet Minister Arun Jaitley is also present along with many BJP leaders on the stage.

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