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CBI 5 will be one of the best ever thrillers in Malayalam cinema: SN Swamy

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CBI 5 will be one of the best ever thrillers in Malayalam cinema: SN Swamy

CBI series is unarguably the most popular franchise in Malayalam cinema. The characters and the iconic background score enjoy a cult status. Sethurama Iyer, the brilliant CBI officer who solves his cases using brain over brawn, is among Mammootty’s most celebrated characters of all-time. Four installments of the series have been made and all the four films were helmed by K Madhu and scripted by SN Swamy.

For a while now there have been reports about a fifth part to the series. Recently, during the award ceremony of Movie Street, writer SN Swamy confirmed the news that he has completed scripting for the movie. MS group members honoured Swamy with the lifetime achievement for his contribution to the field of cinema.

According to Swamy, the fifth installment, which will also be the final part in the CBI franchise, will be one of the best ever thrillers that Malayalam cinema has produced till date. He is quoted saying, “I’m sure it will be a great experience for the audience. It’s the result of three years of my hardwork. Climax of the movie will redefine the way future thrillers are made in Malayalam. It will trigger the start of a new wave.”

The CBI series started in 1988 with the blockbuster movie ‘Oru CBI Diary Kurippu’. The following year, the trio of Mammootty, SN Swamy and K Madhu came up with the second part ‘Jagratha’. It took another fifteen years for the third part ‘Sethurama Iyer CBI’ to materialize. ‘Nerariyan CBI’ was the last to release, fourteen years back in 2005.

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