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Director Vinayan planning to make a film based on the life of late actor Kalabhavan Mani

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Director Vinayan planning to make a film based on the life of late actor Kalabhavan Mani

Vinayan, the popular Malayalam movie director, is the one who had given Kalabhavan Mani, the best roles in his career. It is Vinayan who had given him films like Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum, which had won national recognition for Mani. Vinayan had done almost 13 films with Kalabhavan Mani and recently he said that he said that he had plans to make a film based on the life of Late Kalabhavan Mani. Vinayan had said this in a meeting arranged by Veloor Ounarjani Jeevajwala Samithi to remember Kalabhavan Mani and pay homage to him.

It was Vinayan who had given Mani the characters which brought him out of the comedy roles he was doing frequently. The enormous talent of Kalabhavan Mani as an actor was first used by Vinayan through his movies. But Vinayan says that Kalabhavan Mani never got the attention and honor he deserved to get. Vinayan had given Kalabhavan Mani different roles in his film. He had made use of Kalabhavan Mani as a comedian, as Hero, as a villain and as a character actor as well.

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It was through the various hero roles Vinayan had given Mani, this actor made us know about how talented this man is. In Rakshasa Rajavu, Mani was the main Villain and that too against Mammootty. It was a Vinayan Film. In Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum and Karumadi Kuttan etc, Kalabhavan Mani was the hero. In Kalyana Sougandhikam directed by Vinayan, Mani played an important comedy character. Thus Vinayan had given Kalabhavan Mani the characters which he wanted as an actor to prove him skill. So, if Vinayan getting ready to make a film based on Mani’s life, it will be a perfect tribute for him for sure.

Vinayan said that Malayalam cinema had ignored Mani at many situations and Kalabhavan Mani was a simple guy and many people had cheated him with fake words. Vinayan also said that Mani had deserved more recognitions as an actor and even the juries were avoided him. The contribution of Kalabhavan Mani towards the branch of Folk songs is immense and even they ignored him even without giving him a fellowship for that.

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