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Zamar, another promising film maker in town with Adam Malayalam movie

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Zamar, another promising film maker in town with Adam Malayalam movie

Adam, the first film based on the theme of Antichrist in Malayalam has been released few days back. It was directed and written by a newcomer named Zamar and the film had created lots of controversies before and after the release, related to its plot.

Christian community had went all out against the movie as they felt that it is hurting their religious beliefs and spreading negative messages about Christianity in our society. They are demanding the ban of this movie now.

The Censor Board of Film Certification allowed the screening of this movie after 36 cuts from it. During all this turmoil, Zamar stood unfazed and he at last getting appreciation for the work he had done and also for the courage he had shown to make a movie which has such a bold theme in it.

He had come from a family which had no connection to Cinema field. His great desire is to become an actor and he started off his career by playing a character in the serial named Chakravakam, which was telecasted by Surya TV. But his dream to be in Cinema Industry one day made him to continue his quest for it.

He had written short films in that period. Later he wrote a movie and found a producer to bankroll the project. But many issues that came after that made him the director of that movie as well and Adam is the result of that challenge thrown before him.

He never ever worked with a Director before as an assistant. He learned all by himself by doing his first film under so much pressure and problems. But he is a winner, as he had completed his endeavour as a director successfully. Still Zamar says that his ultimate aim to become an actor.

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