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Double Barrel will have a trimmed version from today

Double Barrel will have a trimmed version from today

Lijo Jose Pellissery directorial big budget film named Double Barrel was released on the 28th of August , on the auspicious Thiruvonam day. The film had come to the screens after so much of a waiting from the fans and film lovers and there was a great air of expectation around that film as well. There was many reasons for that expectation. From the name of the director to the big production cost and then to the multi star cast which included many young stars in Mollywood like Prithviraj, Indrajith, Asif Ali, Sunny Wayne and also Tamil young star Arya as well.

But the film has failed completely to raise up to the expectation of the audience and it had received poor reviews from audience and critics alike from the very first show of the film. The box office status of the film is also very low as well with only around just 1 crore collection from last 4 days. Now there is a news reported from the team behind the film is that it will be a trimmed version from today. From today onwards the film will play with a trimmed version as the team behind the film has cut down certain unwanted scenes and sequences which really tested the patience of the viewers when it was released.

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They hope that this will make the film crisp and more enjoyable. There we can see a desperate effort from the team behind the film to make something happen at the Box Office for the film as it is going from bad to worse there. With a budget which is very huge it is sure to be a disaster and they are trying their level best not to make it a disaster and bring down the burden of loss. The loss is sure to happen and all this will be their last resort to make it less.

The flick has been a spoof film or gangster comedy. It has made fun of the gangster film in Hollywood specially. But failed to connect with the audience completely. Let’s hope that this move of trimming down may help it a little bit.

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