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It’s too early to say if Shrikumar Menon will be directing Mahabaratha: Producer BR Shetty

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It’s too early to say if Shrikumar Menon will be directing Mahabaratha: Producer BR Shetty

For the last few days, there have been lot of talks about Randamoozham. As we already know, the award winning novel by MT Vasudevan Nair was supposed to have a movie version with superstar Mohanlal playing the central character of Bheemasenan. The project was first announced couple of years back with VA Shrikumar Menon as the director and UAE based businessman Dr BR Shetty as the producer. The announcement caught nationwide attention as it was publicised as the most expensive Indian film ever. The makers had revealed that they would be investing a whopping Rs 1000 crores on the project.

However, things came to a standstill as MT Vasudevan Nair approached the court recently informing that he was backing out of the project. The writer was unhappy with the delay in the commencement of shoot. Following this Shrikumar Menon, put up a Facebook post clarifying that the movie would definitely happen and it was a mistake from his part to not update MT regularly.

However, producer BR Shetty seems to be not concerned about all these things. He has made it clear that his intention is to make an epic movie on Mahabaratha, and doesn’t really matter if its based on Randamoozham or any other epic work.

He is quoted saying, “I don’t know what is happening back in Kerala, but I am sure that I will make a movie on Mahabharata. I don’t know this Randamoozham or this script or that script. I am a true Indian and I am dedicating this film to the whole world. Its for the countries, its for the families, for the presidents and for the prime ministers of different countries. There are many who can do it, not necessarily M T Vasudevan Nair. I am not keen on this script.”

When prodded if Shrikumar Menon will be directing the movie, he said, “It’s too early for me to say it. As BR Shetty, I’ll be making Mahabharata not to make money but to propagate India’s heritage and culture for the benefit of the whole world.”

Shrikumar Menon and his team have been working on the project for nearly three years now. Last month, the director along with producer BR Shetty were in Chicago to meet some technicians and discuss about the film. He had then informed that the movie would go on floors by mid 2019.

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