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Ente Ummante Peru continues its successful run!

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Ente Ummante Peru continues its successful run!

Among the slew of films that got released for Christmas, Tovino’s ‘Ente Ummante Peru’ has managed to garner good response. The movie is entering its second week of theatrical run with solid occupancy in most centres. In the Kochi multiplexes, it has crossed the Rs 10 lakh mark in five days time. It is a kind of feel-good entertainer that families would love to watch during this holiday season. Safe to say, Tovino has got himself another winner in 2018.

Directed by debutantJose Sebastian, ‘Ente Ummante Peru’ tells a heartwarming mom-son relationship. Along with Tovino, veteran actress Urvasi plays the other lead role. The movie traces the journey of Tovino’s character, Hameed, in search of his mother, whom he has never seen in his entire life. Though the subject is quite heavy and emotional, the fun element is aptly placed throughout and keeps the proceedings light.

Urvashi and Tovino’s chemistry is the USP of the movie. Their combination scenes have worked out wonderfully and critics have all leading critics have pointed out the same. As the word of mouth is positive in social medias, the movie is sure to attract more audiences to theatres in the coming days.

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