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Fahadh Faasil injured while shooting

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Fahadh Faasil injured while shooting

Fahadh Faasil sustained minor injuries while shooting for his new film ‘Malayankunju’. The actor fell down from the roof of a building while shooting for a sequence in Pathalam Studio, Kochi. He was stand on the roof of a building, which was built for the film, when he lost balance and suffered a nasty fall. As per reports, Fahadh fractured his nose and was immediately rushed to a hospital nearby. He had to undergo a minor procedure at the hospital. He was later discharged and is advised rest at home.

‘Malayankunju’ is directed by debutant Sajimon, who has assisted many senior filmmakers. Mahesh Narayanan, who had directed Fahadh in ‘Take Off’, ‘Malik’ and ‘CU Soon’, is scripting the film. The film is a survival thriller that is based on a natural calamity. Besides scripting the film, Mahesh Narayanan is also cranking the camera. Fahadh’s father, veteran director Fazil is producing the film.

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