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First ever 4K projection in Kerala that too for Baahubali

Baahubali kerala release date-SS Rajamouli-Prabhas-Thamanna

Kerala is going to witness the first ever 4K projection in its history of films and that will be for the Tamil version of the epic film in Indian cinema history named Baahubali which will come to screens near you on this July 10. The flick is touted as Indian biggest motion picture till now and it will be screened in 4K resolution and 64 channel Dolby Atmos sound in Ariesplex S L Theatrers at Trivandrum. The theater complex had inaugurated recently and it is one of the biggest in India as well with fantabulous projection and other technical facilities.

The film had made in Tamil and Telugu languages and in Kerala the film will be released across a huge number of theaters by the Global United Media and they are releasing the Tamil version of the epic film in Kerala. On the 27th of June this year they had arranged the audio launch of the film in Kochi with the cast and crew present there and at Kochi they had successfully unveiled the biggest or the largest poster ever made for a film and challenged the existing world record and found a place in the Limca Book of world record as well.

It has to be mentioned that it is the largest poster ever made in world and please don’t misunderstand that it is only the largest film poster. They had successfully made this task work under lots of pressure posed by the monsoon season.

Many scenes of the flick has been shot in Kerala as well and those are very important scenes in the film. The story of the film is weaved around a big waterfall and mountain area and the director S S Rajamouli said that they came in Kerala to shoot specifically because of the big waterfalls and the superb greenery here. Actor Prabhas said that they had put in a lot of hard work and energy to make this task looks easy to the eyes of the audience. The name of the central character is Shivudu and its about his life is that the story is all about.

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