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I am not behind the leaking of Premam says Alphonse Puthren

I am not behind the leaking of Premam censor copy says Alphonse Puthren

For last two days a shocking news was reporting again and again by many medias in Kerala which tells that the investigation of the Premam piracy at last coming to a close and the prime suspect behind the leak seems to be the director of the film himself Mr. Alphonse Puthren. It was very shocking indeed as we can never imagine that a director himself leaks the pirated print of his own film.

But some reports said that the police and Anti-Piracy cell had repeatedly requested Alphonse Puthren to come and give his statement about this Premam issue and they want to know whatever details is in his hands about this issue. But surprisingly Alphonse Puthren never went to them with any details after so many requests from police. At last they decided to come to Alphonse Puthren himself and yesterday they interrogated Alphonse Puthren and examined his home, computer and the studio in Aluva where he had done the editing of this film. Alphonse Puthren is the one who edited this film as well.

The fact is out that the pirated print had leaked out almost 10 days before the release of the film and it has clips which is not in the theater version of the film. There was portions in the pirated video which is not mixed with background music as well. It indicates that the film is leaked before mixing and almost from the final editing table or something like that. That keep the police in hunt and the Alphonse Puthren naturally become a suspect in this issue as well.

But Alphonse Puthren said that all this was only the creation of the medias and he is not at all behind this leaking issue. The anti-Piracy cell DYSP ME Iqbal had come with his team to take the statement of Alphonse Puthren and they had searched the studio at Kochi where the flick has edited. There is nothing to read between the lines as it was a standard investigation procedure. While the home minister of Kerala Shri. Ramesh Chennithala said that the investigation will focus on big corporates as well if there is any evidence come up which fingers to their involvement in this issue.

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