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I had used alcohol at that night before the death of Kalabhavan Mani, says Sabumon Abdusamad

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I had used alcohol at that night before the death of Kalabhavan Mani, says Sabumon Abdusamad

Sabumon Abdusamad (Tharikida Sabu), who has been considered as one of the suspects related to the unnatural death of actor Kalabhavan Mani, had revealed to the media that, he had used alcohol at that night when we went to see Kalabhavan Mani.  Next day Kalabhavan Mani was hospitalized and later died at the hospital. Earlier Sabumon had said that he is not ready to reveal anything about whether he was drunken or not on that day as it is his personal matter. Later actor Jaffer Idukki, who is also present there that day said that Sabumon was not used any alcohol. But now Sabumon himself revealed that he had used alcohol that day and that put Jaffer Idukki’s statement under suspicion as well.

Sabumon said that it was Vinu, a friend of Jaffer Idukki, had brought alcohol there at the paddy house of Kalabhavan Mani. Jaffer Idukki said to Sabumon that Vinu is a production controller in films. The Bear was bought from Sidhartha Regency. Earlier Sabumon and Jaffer Idukki said that they did not bought any alcohol and not used it at that night at Paddy. But now, both of them agrees that they bought it from Sidhartha Regency and also used it at that night as well.

Sabumon said that he left paddy house at 11.30 night and he did not notice that whether Kalabhavan Mani used that bear which was brought to that place by Vinu. Sabumon said that Jaffer Idukki may be have said contradictory statements in order to save him. Sabu also said that he was at his home in Kayamkulam on the day of Kalabhavan Mani’s cremation and did not went there to see him because of the pain of loss. Jaffer Idukki also not came there to see him. Mani’s relatives had raised suspicion about this matter as well.

Anyway Chalakkudy Police had interrogated both Sabumon and Jaffer Idukki in this matter and the investigation team is expanded as well considering the seriousness of this matter.  One thins was almost become sure that Mani’s death was not due to his liver disease but he is poisoned.

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