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Ignorance made Anushaka Sharma to insult Abdul Kalam

Ignorance made Anushaka Sharma to insult Abdul Kalam

Ignorance is the most dangerous thing that can lead us in to many grave troubles and it is a well-known fact in this whole world. We had seen many great examples for this fact in the history of our world and we know many people doomed because of their ignorance. We see many people getting severe criticism from the society only because he or she is ignorant about something and without admitting their ignorance they goes forward with what they does again and again.

Many people were still ridiculed in our society only because they showed their ignorance to the public accidentally and the new word in social media for that is called trolling someone. The latest one who gave that chance to the public to criticize and troll her was actress Anushka Sharma whose ignorance leads to insulting of the great man A P J Abdul Kalam who passed away yesterday and now Anushaka Sharma is feeling the severe heat of criticism and rolling from the public.

Ignorance made Anushaka Sharma to insult Abdul Kalam

The missile man of India had passed way yesterday and it was a great shock for the whole country as no one can still believe that our great leader APJ Abdul Kalam is not with us now and no one really want to believe that time had took back that great soul from us. The whole country is grieving on this sad and darkest moment of our country and condolences were pouring in from all over the world through social medias and other medias of communication.

The celebrities also paying their tribute to the great man through their condolence messages through Facebook and Twitter and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma also wrote a condolence message and tweeted it through her twitter account. But she wrote the name of the missile man as ‘ABJ Kalam Azad’ in her tweet which shows her ignorance about even the name of our former president and one of the most popular Indian around the globe.

When criticism were showed in she deleted that tweet and then tweeted again with the name ‘APJ Kalam Azad’ this time. Again landed in mistake by trying to correct a mistake and severe criticisms followed as she done the same mistake twice. At last she deleted that as well and posted the name correctly but already made herself available for the trolling and criticisms of the public for days to come.

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