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Innocent criticise the government’s demonetisation move

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Innocent criticise the government’s demonetisation move

At a time when the demonetisation move by the government is being criticised by the common man, celebrities have also voiced their opinions about this decision to scrap the higher denomination notes inorder to bring back the black money stashed in the country.

Many actors like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and Mohanlal have supported the government’s decision. Actor politician MLA Innocent, has now criticised the government for their poor planning and implementation.

“The Prime Minister and the government should have done some brainwork before launching such a move. People across the country are sweating it out at the banks and ATMs to withdraw their hard earned money. People have died collapsing while standing in queues.

Who will be responsible for such incidents? Everyday the government is giving false statements that the situation will be normal soon. Who are they trying to fool? We are in such a situation where we cannot withdraw our own from the banks.

There were some photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s old mother standing in queues for exchanging her money. In fact many people including me found that very funny. Even if she did not stand the queue, she would have got her money.

Only people from Uganda or Uttar Pradesh will believe all these stunts. These antics will not do any good in a state like Kerala with high literacy rate. Why so much overacting?”,Innocent said.

The government’s decision to scrap the notes have put the common man in trouble. Enough notes have not yet started to circulate. The urban class people have not been greatly affected as make they use of new age modes available like online banking for most of their day to day transactions.

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