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Is judiciary is only for wealthy people asks VK Prakash

Is judiciary is only for wealthy people asks VK Prakash-Nirnayakam Malayalam Movie-Asif Ali-malavika-Onlookers Media

Director V K Prakash is now busy with the post production works of his latest venture named Nirnnayakam starring Asif Ali and written by the popular screenplay writing duo of Mollywood Bobby-Sanjay, the brothers. The flick is all set to grace the silver screens on the first week of june and said to be a different film from which  V K Prakash had done in his career and also something very special for Asif Ali as well.

V K Praksh told the media about the relevance of this film in our society in the light of the issues happening in and around us now specially with regard to the judiciary. Judiciary is said to be one of the main pillars of our democracy and common people’s only hope is on this institution to get them the justice. But now-a-days it had become a sort of a wealthy man’s fort in the light of the judicial issues regarding the cases of Salman Khan and also Jaya Lalitha. For people who had money with them, a court order does not seem to be an important or key one.

V K Prakash tells that in this situation this film Nirnnayakam has a lot of relevance as it tells the story of how a court order affects the life of a young man in this society. V K P says that our youngsters are going through a lot of problems in these days and many of them are very confused in facing these problems as well. V K Prakash said that this film was born from a sentence told by the script writers and after writing the script they felt that this film have to reach in front of the people and this is the right time for that.

V k Prakash Said that they had done some research works among the people before the film starts and most of the people said during that research that they don’t believe in our judicial system as people with money can easily escape from all laws and lead a life in way they wants. But VKP says that he personally thinks that our court has still relevance in the society and still it has many positive values.

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